Megagoodis is run by a well-tempered, curly headed guy named Michael Goodis. And with over twenty years of experience, has been producing audio solutions for major brands in markets worldwide.
Brands like Hoover, Rite Aid, Coca Cola, Old El Paso, GE, Cedar Point, L’Oreal, True Value, Heinz and Zippo are just a small handful amongst many.

Based in Pittsburgh Pa., our music touches major brands including Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Eat ‘n Park, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Highmark, Pittsburgh Pirates, UPMC, Pittsburgh Penguins, PA Lottery, Mellon and GNC.

Other Megagoodis facts:

  1. It’s nestled in ten acres of woods due to late-night random drum solos.
  2. Has a massive collection of custom sounds from years of development.
  3. Compositions range from a seventy two piece orchestral score to solo sand paper blocks.
  4. Has an in house chef whose knack for South East Asian cooking is somewhat quite serious.
  5. Created more audio for video games than you can shake a stick at (stick shaking SFX included).

Taglines that were thought about:

  • Megagoodis – Scoring Every Pixel. (went over everyone’s head)
  • Megagoodis – I love you. (entirely too “I’m so high” feeling)
  • Megagoodis – How ‘bout that band? (Michael used to play tuxedo gigs but this is not cool)
  • Megagoodis – Hear me out. (sorry for even mentioning this, it’s thrown out)

And after thinking about these four options, we felt it was best not to use a tagline.

The nitty-gritty:

Megagoodis finds the heart and soul of every project to ensure a kinetic experience between a brand and its audience. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Oh, does anybody have a tagline?


P: +1 412 523 2993